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Ardent Cooling provides various HVAC Services to its clients. Currently, our network of technicians are only available to provide services within Nigeria. With the launch of our Just-Zero Technology, we are looking to expand to other parts of Africa.


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Air-Conditioning Services

Routine AC Servicing

We provide routine servicing for all residential and Industrial Air-Conditioning Units from all known and unknown brands. This service involves the complete removal of vital components of the Indoor and Outdoor Condenser Units. We clean these components and filters carefully, re-install them and top-up the refrigerant gas for the unit if low.

Installation & Relocation

Ardent Cooling can help with Installation of New AC Units. We do this for both Residential Units and Central Cooling Systems. Relocating units from one location to another without damage is also a service we perform efficiently.

Repair of Faulty AC Units

Some AC Units get to a condition beyond routine servicing. Some parts or components may have been damaged. Our technicians have been trained by Licensed professionals on the functionality of AC units and how to diagnose a problem and effectively conduct repairs with original replacement parts.

Refrigeration Units

We service and repair all types of Refrigeration Units. This includes all types of Refrigerators, Freezers and Chillers used for domestic or commercial use. If you need this service for Industrial Cold Store Rooms, please visit our Cooling Solutions page.

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