Passionate About Cooling.

Ardent Cooling is the end result of a partnership with two different companies with a whole lot of experience providing services in the HVAC industry. 

Our services, products and approach to all jobs is specifically tailored for the unique yet diverse working scenarios and conditions we have in most parts of Africa. 

At every point of interaction with Ardent Cooling, whether with a Technician or an Administrative Staff, you are always speaking to a professional who has spent time receiving training and learning from the mistakes experience provides.


Coterie of Professionals

They say teamwork makes the dream work. In addition to our in-house Engineers & Licensed Experts, we also benefit from the relationship of our partners at Lu Gold

Lu Gold boasts of a network of Engineers, Architects, Building Service Engineers and other specialists who all actively contribute physically or remotely to the success of their projects.

Whatever the scale of your project and regardless of the level of expertise required, we have the solutions in-house or just a phone-call away.


Ardent Cooling does not sell, supply or use fairly-used or counterfeit parts for any of its Cooling or Refrigeration jobs. All our parts and supplies are sourced directly from the manufacturers and we out-rightly refuse to provide services to customers if we discover the parts they intend for us to use are counterfeit.

100 % authentic

Automated Client Portal

Requests, Bookings & Invoicing At Your Fingertips

It's not enough to have reliable products and services. To serve you better Ardent Cooling has to be easily accessible. This is why we built "My Ardent". A Client hub easily accessible on phones, tablets and computers that allows you to request for services, book appointments, voice record a description of what you require and even upload photographs.

In addition to this, My Ardent keeps an accessible historical record of all your services, appointments, invoices and receipts. 

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