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Corporate Servicing

With our Corporate Servicing Plan, your organisation will be provided with a dedicated team of technicians whose responsibility will be to tend to all your Cooling and Refrigeration Units on a daily basis.

If you are a smaller organisation with fewer units, this can be done at a frequency convenient to you based on the usage of your various units.

Why Is It Important?

When you run an establishment that caters to hundreds of customers, guests or employees, a faulty AC or Refrigerator Unit should always remain the least of your problems. By ensuring that you routinely maintain these units, you worry less and you save more on replacing units spoilt by lack of proper maintenance.


We provide a dedicated team of Technicians who resume daily at your factory to attend to the various Cooling & Refrigeration issues as they happen. This ensures your production process is never interrupted and you never lose stored products due to faulty cooling equipment. Some branches of Four Mills of Nigeria implemented this and are satisfied with this service provided by Ardent Cooling.


Checking guests into a room with a faulty AC or Refrigerator is completely embarrassing. We offer a discounted service to hotels where we inspect and service all AC & Refrigeration units on a monthly basis. This is usually done wing-by-wing to ensure an efficient and thorough job. Clients like the Transcorp Hotel and Channel-View Hotel are all beneficiaries of this service from Ardent Cooling.

Private Residences & Estates

Ardent Cooling has served hundreds of Private clients in their homes and estates in multiple cities in Nigeria. Our Client Portal also makes it easy for residents or estate managers to request services from us without having to make calls or visit any of our locations. We aim to respond to every customer within 6 hours and we provide a free inspection service.

Banking Halls

Our Corporate package for banks includes a standard rate across all the banks branches in every state. This is a monthly service for which we completely service all AC & refrigeration Units. Banks can also make emergency requests for units that are faulty and they will be repaired instantly. One of our clients benefitting from this service is Suntrust Bank.


In addition to AC Servicing, we have our Just-Zero technology deployed in hospitals. This technology allows hospitals to convert conventional storage spaces into secure refrigeration units to store blood, medicine, organs and other things at cold temperatures that don't go below Zero Degrees Celsius.

We have this technology used to setup a bloodbank for Faith Foundation hospital in Calabar, Nigeria.

Schools, Colleges & Hostels

Privacy and the safety of children of all ages is very important in a School setting. Ardent cooling provides a secure service to schools and colleges where we work weekends or overnight when conducting repairs to ensure we do not disrupt the academic activities of your Institution. We also provide a 30% discount to all academic Institutions.

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