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African Leaders in HVAC Services, Cold Storage and Post-Harvest Storage Solutions.

What we do

Cooling & Cold Storage Solutions

We provide innovative solutions in the HVAC industry while integrating eco-friendly and efficient tools to improve overall air conditioning comfort across Africa. We are committed to employing proven multifaceted diagnostic technology while providing high-quality products that will grant our consumers a comfortable and long lasting cooling experience. We pride ourselves on being a family oriented business that thrives to cultivate consumer and professional relationships, empowering and educating our clientele with diagnostics and high quality products as well as establishing a platform built on brand integrity, honesty and trust.

Affordable Services

Enjoy world class service at the most affordable rates. Get your home or office the HVAC tune up it needs without breaking the bank.

Unique Technology

Ardent continues to evolve as new HVAC technology gains momentum. With it comes new opportunities for improved professional training and customer service.

Licensed Technicians

Our HVAC technicians are backed by over 25 years of company experience. They have the knowledge and expertise to perform service on units of any make or model.

Our Core Services


Our customers love our high-quality AC repair, maintenance, and installation services, as well as the fact that we’re honest and active in our community! We’re proud to be involved with many community organizations and important issues in our community.


Monitoring of your cold storage environment is vital to ensure your product is stored at correct temperatures and complies with local food storage regulations, both during storage and in transport. Check that your cold storage environment is within required parameters, receive alerts in advance of any potential problems and log data during transit. At ardent, we offer you all that and more.


Producing the consistently high-quality produce that spells success in a highly competitive market does not stop at the end of the row. The ability to deliver a quality product to the market and ultimately to the consumer commands buyer attention and gives the grower a competitive edge. Proper postharvest cooling and handling can help to ensure that quality is maintained until the product reaches the consumer.


We have extensive experience providing design, construction, installation and on going maintenance for all of our service lines across a diverse spectrum of industries and asset types. Market sectors of primary focus include:

Buildings and Spaces
Schools, Museums, Banks and Office Spaces

Health Care
Hospitals, Clinics, Non-Acute Care Facilities and Medical Office Buildings

Industrial Manufacturing
Machine Shops, Process Manufacturing and Food Production

Blowing Room, Carding Room, and Spinning Rooms

why we do it

We’ve been there

Having a properly working HVAC system is critical for every home, business or industrial space. In fact, we may not realize how much we rely on this system until something goes wrong and we need repairs. At Ardent Cooling we are prepared to assist you with all your HVAC repair and installation needs. Whether you need a new air conditioner installed or are having trouble with your hydronics system at your industrial facility, our team is equipped to problem solve and fix HVAC systems large and small.

We want to bring innovation

Replacing old HVAC equipment can be expensive and time consuming but leaving clunky, outdated technology in place can also be costly and wasteful. This is why at Ardent Cooling, we go about bringing innovation in a different way. These innovations are to impact Africa and the World.


What We Offer

We hold rich experience in Consultancy and Execution. We are specialized in Industrial Ventilation, Centralized Cooling, Clean Rooms, Energy Audit, Electrical Projects. Our dedicated team and highly experienced Consultants, Engineers & Technicians provide complete support starting from Design, Consultancy till complete execution.

  • HVAC Consultants & Engineers
  • Ductable Air Conditioner & Packaged Air Conditioner required for offices, buildings, restaurants, hotels etc.
  • Chiller Plants required for Offices, Malls, Hotels, Hospitals, and Auditorium etc.
  • Precision Air Conditoning for IT Cooling Solutions, Research Laboratories etc.
  • Clean Room Design & Construction, Cold Room Solutions.
  • VRV / VRF System.
  • Energy Audit.
  • DSITC (Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning)
  • HVAC for Industrial Plants.
  • HVAC for Automobile Plants.
  • HVAC & Clean Rooms for Semiconductors.
  • HVAC & Clean Rooms for Pharma Plants.
  • HVAC & Clean Rooms for Research Labs.
  • HVAC for FMCG plants.
  • Ventilation Services
  • Commercial Kitchen Ventilation.
  • Industrial Ventilation
  • Roof (Ceiling) Ventilation
  • Basement Ventilation
  • Air Cooling & Air Washers, Parking Ventilation & Pollution Control System.
  • Energy Audit for Industries.
  • Energy Audit for Manufacturing Plants.
  • Energy Audit for Factories.


What Our Clients Say

Lara Adebowale

HR, On The Go

My engineer was professional, pleasant, and patiently took the time to explain the status of the HVAC Systems and answer any questions I asked. Ardent has been performing maintenance on our systems for years. Service is always excellent. When it came time to replace the original units installed when our house was built, choosing them to perform the new installs was a no-brainer. Their installation crews are efficient, courteous, and always go above and beyond the call of duty.

Cynthia akap

Secretary, Lu Gold

Professional technicians.  Great customer service. When I needed a new HVAC system I spoke with them.  They helped me choose the right system for me.  Very knowledgeable of every aspect of what we needed. I highly recommend them. They are top notch.

Design Mistakes Can Not Be Fixed.

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