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Welcome To Ardent Cooling


I'm Chinwe, Head of Operations at Ardent Cooling.

It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to the Ardent Cooling Website. We have carefully structured this website to easily provide you with details about our company, our products, services and portfolio.

It doesn't matter if you're a corporate customer or a private customer, Ardent Cooling provides quality services using trained technicians at the most affordable prices. Our Interactive Client Hub allows you to book inspections, get quotes and request services all from your mobile phone or computer.

I'll let you find out more about us on your own. If you do have any questions, you may call me on +234-816-36-0000-4.

Chinwe Elumelu

What we do

Cooling & Cold Storage Solutions

Ardent Cooling provides Cooling & Cold Storage Solutions. This broad scope of service includes Sales, Service & Repair of all types of cooling and refrigeration units. From household AC units to commercial refrigeration and cooling, we have team members trained and licensed to build, service and repair these units.

Cold Storage is very important in Africa due to the hot climate. Ardent cooling has a wide range of public and patented solutions for creating affordable Permanent and Mobile Cold Storage Units. 

Please keep scrolling below for more details about our services.

Affordable Services

Enjoy professional and polite services at the most affordable rates. Our prices are the same for everyone. Whether you are an individual or a company, we charge the same prices.

Interactive Client Hub

Our Interactive client hub solves problems associated with requesting for services, approving jobs or keeping a historical record of services done on your various assets.

Licensed Technicians

Our company has industry licensed senior engineers who are responsible for providing in-depth training and practice sessions to all our technicians before they are assigned jobs.

Our Core Services


We service and repair all types of household and commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Units. From the Split AC Units in your homes and offices, to the Commercial Refrigeration Units in your warehouses. Our technicians are experienced in working on all the major brands available in the industry.


Ardent Cooling builds modular, mobile and permanent cold storage units. We have multiple solutions available for our customers regardless of the size of space to be cooled and the minimum cooling temperature. We also convert trucks, buses and Utility vehicles into mobile Cold Storage units.


In Africa, farmers and stakeholders lose a lot of their produce to poor post harvest storage and transportation. As a remedy to this, Ardent Cooling created Just-Zero Cooling technology. An affordable solution that allows you to turn a conventional room into a refrigeration unit using our Just-Zero device and a small air-conditioning unit. It's affordable and will always keep your stored items at just zero degree Celsius.


We provide routine servicing and repairs for corporate organisations, schools, banks, factories and hospitals. We assign a team of technicians to your organisation who will respond to your requests within 2 hours. They will also routinely service all Air Conditioning and Refrigeration units on a monthly basis, thereby greatly reducing the chances of damages. This service is also available to household customers.


Quality Service, Modern Delivery

At Ardent Cooling we understand that 50% of getting the job done starts with efficient and seamless communication. This is why we built a special client portal for you called My Ardent.

My Ardent is a self-service portal that allows our clients to approve quotes, confirm job orders, check appointment details, pay invoices, print receipts, request a job/service and contact us directly all in one place. No extra phone calls or emails required.

Most importantly, we have asset tagging. So that means that for every AC or refrigeration unit you have, you can see a historical record of all the services or parts provided to each and every unit, all on My Ardent.


Just-Zero Cooling Technology

Replacing old HVAC equipment can be expensive and time consuming but leaving clunky, outdated technology in place can also be costly and wasteful. This is why at Ardent Cooling, we go about bringing innovation in a different way. These innovations are to impact Africa and the World.


Notable Team Members

At Ardent Cooling we have a troop of technicians, Senior Engineers, Management & Administrative Staff.

If you are a new customer, you most likely will be interacting with one of the team members below.


lucious gab-umoden


Lucious is a graduate of Architectural Engineering with specialties in Building Services Design & HVAC Engineering.

chike arah

chike arah


Chike is a graduate of Development Studies with specialties in PMP Project Management & Policy.

Chinwe Elumelu

chinwe elumelu

head of operations

Chinwendu is our head of operations and is responsible for creating synergy between our customers and our service team.


bridget OBIJI


Bridget is in charge of Sales and Scheduling. She is responsible for coordinating our technicians and handling customer relations.


What Have We Done?

Over the years, we have served hundreds of private customers and notable Companies, Factories, Retail Outlets and Government Agencies. We have provided below details from a few notable clients that have given us permission to share our history with them.

  • Flour Mills of Nigeria, Calabar Factory.
  • Retainer Agreement for Routine Servicing of Air-Conditioning Units
  • Repairs of Faulty Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Units
  • Supply of New Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Units
  • Installation and Relocation of Air-Conditioning Units
  • Creation of Digital Asset list for all Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Units
  • Digital Job Requests, Digital Job Order Approvals. Detailed Transaction History
flour mills nigeria
  • Premier Feeds Ltd, Calabar & Ibadan
  • Retainer Agreement for Routine Servicing of Air-Conditioning Units
  • Repairs of Faulty Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Units
  • Supply of New Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Units
  • Installation and Relocation of Air-Conditioning Units
  • Creation of Digital Asset list for all Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Units
  • Digital Job Requests,  Approvals. Detailed Transaction History through My Ardent
  • Central Bank Of Nigeria, Maiduguri
  • Supply Of New Industrial Air Conditioning Units
  • Installation & Commissioning of Supplied Industrial Units
  • Creation of Digital Asset List for all Air-Conditioning Units
  • Private Client, Abuja
  • Supply Of New Multi-Type Air Conditioning Units
  • Installation of Air-Conditioning Units
  • Creation of Digital Asset List for All Air-Conditioning Units
  • Retainer Agreement for Monthly Routine Servicing of all Air-Conditioning Units
  • Digital Job Requests,  Approvals. Detailed Transaction History through My Ardent
Ardent Supply
  • Bank Of Agriculture, Nigeria
  • Conversion of Farm Storage Units into Just-Zero Cold Storage Units
  • Conversion of Tomato Transport Trucks into Just-Zero Cold Storage Trucks
  • Construction of a New 30mx30m Post Harvest Cold Storage Facility
  • Feasibility Studies for Improving Post Harvest Storage for Small Scale Farmers
  • Detailed Audit of Transport Routes for Tomato & Vegetable Farmers 
bank of agriculture


What Our Clients Say

Mindseye associates

Supply, Installation, Asset Tagging, Servicing

It was our first time working with Ardent Cooling and it was based on a referral. They supplied over 50 AC units to the job site safely and their technicians installed all the units properly. I was very impressed with the Digital Asset tagging, as it can be hard to describe the locations of units in a large scale project.

ifeoluwa kehinde


Supply, Installation, Servicing

I use Ardent Cooling to purchase all my AC and Refrigerators and Freezers. Their prices are the best you can get and everything is automated. I do everything on their client hub and i get a response in less than an hour.

I'm looking forward to welcoming you as a new Client.

Hi There, I'm Bridget, Head of Sales & Scheduling at Ardent Cooling.

I am really excited you visited our website today and i am eager to onboard you as a new client.

This is why I am offering you a Free Inspection/Assessment and also a 5% Discount off your first Job Order with us.

Just fill the form below, or call +234-816-36-0000-4 to claim your free assessment and discount.

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